52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks – Week 5

Week 5’s prompt in the challenge is “In the Census.”  In the Week 3 challenge about ‘Longevity’, I posted about my Great Grandfather, Mathias Schumacher and my Great Grandmother, Mary Timlin.

I think it’s time to finish this part of my legacy.

In the 1900 Census, I found the Schumacher’s living in Walle, Grand Forks County, North Dakota.

Schumacher 1900.JPG

Mary had 7 children, with only 5 living in 1900.  She died in 1903 leaving her husband with those 5 young children to raise alone.

In 1910, Mathias was living in Hurley, Renville County, North Dakota with his oldest daughter, Julia.  But where were the other 4 children  living in 1910?

Mathias 1910.JPG

I found Edward Peter working as a servant to a family in Brandon, Renville County, North Dakota.

edward 1910.JPG

I found Margaret Ann “Maggie” working as a servant in Colquhoun, Renville County, North Dakota.

Margaret 1910.JPG

I found Susan Mae “Susie” living as a servant in Hamerly, Renville County, North Dakota.

Susie 1910.JPG

I found Helen “Nellie” C  working as a servant in Colquhoun, Renville County, North Dakota.

Helen 1910.JPG

While I have no personal knowledge about why, I do suspect that Mathias was not prepared to raise 5 children on his own and ‘farmed out’ 4 of his 5 living children to ensure that they had the best life available to them.  Since every one of them lived in the same county, I also believe that Mathias Schumacher was a well respected member of the community and they did what they could to help in the most difficult of times.


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