52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks – Week 2 Revisted

I’m very far behind in posting about my 52 Ancestors is 52 Weeks, but I found something that made me pause and take a look back.

Week 2 of the challenge was Favorite Picture.  Through DNA testing and age, I had suspected that George Roy Hutson was my previously unknown grandfather.  This is his picture from Week 2.

Inline image 1

Fast forward and now I know that age should never ever be the final consideration in making a definitive conclusion.

I typically use Ancestry for searching my family history.   In the past, I had used MyHeritage as well.  Since we were using DNA to search for our unknown grandfather, and MyHeritage allowed for the transfer of DNA from Ancestry to their site for free, I did.  Then I paid for a subscription to their site as well.  A ‘hint’ showed up for my father with a birth record with the last name Hutson.  I had never seen that before and I ordered a copy of my father’s original birth certificate and this is what I received.

Dad's Birth Certificate

My grandfather’s name was actually Clarence Roy Hutson.  The nephew of George Roy Hutson.  DNA doesn’t lie.  But who would have thought that my grandfather would have been 17 years younger than my grandmother?

Clarence Roy Hutson, lower left.

Day At The Beach

My dad in Korea, 1950.


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