52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks 2019 – Week 5

Every weekend, shortly after breakfast, our dad would say, ‘ I’ll be in the library’ if you need in, better go now.  He’d have a copy of the morning newspaper in hand and stay in there at least a half hour.  Our family of four lived in a 3 bedroom house with only one bathroom.  Whenever I hear ‘library’, it conjures up those memories.   Our dad is long gone.  He passed away in 1985, but the ‘library’ is still in use today.  My brother will head off to the ‘library’ when he is visiting, with his cellphone in hand, to ponder world events or post stupid memes on Facebook.

Now for me, when I say, “I’ll be at the library” it usually means I am searching the websites of the many library collections online.  I found several family history books for my ancestors.  I’ve clipped too many to count newspaper articles of interest.  This process works best for me since I live 1000+ miles from where my ancestors lived.

While searching my paternal grandmother’s mother, I found that the Archives in Ontario, Canada have records of interest to me.  They are not available online, however, they do inter-library loans.  I contacted my local library to see if they had a film viewer and accepted loans.  The answer was yes to both.  So I will be ‘at the library’ to fill out all of the necessary forms to see what I will find in those records.

This post will continue as warranted


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