52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks 2019 – Week 10

This week’s prompt is ‘Bachelor Uncle.’

Both of my parents grew up as only children.  Since neither had a sibling, I will need to talk about my Great Uncle, Edward Peter Schumacher, my paternal grandmother’s older brother.  Capture

Edward Peter Schumacher was born on 14 Mar 1891 in Reynolds, Grand Forks County, North Dakota.  His parents were Mathias Schumacher and Mary Timlin.  After Mary died in 1903, Edward, along with all of his sisters but one, we living as servants to other families in 1910.

By the time WWI broke out, Edward Peter Schumacher was living in Pend Oreille County, Washington.



After he was released from the military, he was working as a farmhand in Enchanted Prairie, Coos County, Oregon in 1920.

By 1930, he was working in the mills of El Dorado County, California and lived there until his death on 24 Nov 1970.



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